26 Apr



Waiting is an effective and powerful way to when we get to not only hear the Lord but begin to see what He requires us to do.

In Isaiah 40:31 we have the prophet saying to us…

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah begins with the word ‘but’. This is in connection with what he is saying earlier. This is what he means…that just as God never tires, never faints, never gives up…so can we! If we just learn to wait upon God.

The Hebrew root word used for waiting here is the same as used in Genesis where God gathered the waters together in Creation. Waiting means gathering together to bind up and make stronger than before. It is like taking a single rope and then twirling it with two other strands. The rope is now a three-stranded and strong and more powerful than before! It has been gathered together and entwined. The ability to work has increased! So this means strength in numbers. The more ropes entwined…the stronger it becomes. Waiting enables us to entwine ourselves with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Waiting enables us to also get entwined with is Word that enables us beyond ourselves. That is why waiting is so important.

When you learn to get yourself apart and wait on God you end up with a greater assurance of His Promises and a stronger desire to do His will.

When waiting is present in our lives there is a powerful exchange. This exchange brings to us God’s own strength and heart, and takes ours away. It is like barter. When we wait we exchange. When we have exchanged we go on with God’s strength and vitality for every area of our lives. This actually takes us away from discouragement and distress.

Again, waiting also help you to rise up form the place where you are at present to a higher place than you’ve ever been. The prophet uses an example of an eagle. The eagle has powerful wings. The strongest feathers are on the wings. When the eagle flaps its wings it effortlessly mounts up higher. The wind or rain does not affect this. The bird has an amazing ability to just use a few flaps to mount higher and higher.

Such will be your strength and ability too. You will be able to mount up into the heavens despite the opposition, despite the pressures and despite the problems that surround you.

Then again waiting makes us run! In those days the king’s messengers had to run. They were carrying with them scrolls of very important words from the king to the subjects of the kingdom. The messengers that ran had to face the desert heat in the day and the cold in the night. Oftentimes sand storms would block their path. But they never wearied…because they knew how to run. They were tough and weathered men whose stamina was immense and their will to reach their destination was their bounden duty.

We have within our hearts the ‘words’ of the Lord and His commands, which we must impart to where the Lord sends us. Coming at us is all kinds of ‘wind’ and ‘rain’ the Devil throws at us to either slow us down or stop us. But waiting gives us the stamina to carry on God’s mandates for our lives and not be thwarted by the schemes of the Devil.

Lastly, waiting make us carry on our journey like a pilgrim who is intent on reaching the place of his choosing. When the Scriptures use the connotation of walking, it always means fellowship and character. God walked with Adam. Enoch walked with God. Waiting enables us to intentionally be in close fellowship with the Lord and it changes our character and lifestyle on earth.

So this month let us wait. Here are a few practical tips I leave with you. Over the years as I have inculcated the desire to wait, God has enriched me in many ways.

The first thing you need to do is to make time.

This must not be taken casually, but set apart a time during the day and get disciple about it.

Secondly, focus on God.

Many of us have not trained our minds to focus and so ‘thought bombs’ blow away the main focus and we get distracted very easily. Train yourself to be quiet and focus on God. This is where the Scriptures come in. Take a verse or an Apostolic or prophetic prayer form the Bible and start praying in that line. Every verse from the Bible is inspired by God and when we pray thus He will hear us.

Then you must pray.

Pray systematically. Pray definitely. Pray surely. And God will answer you as you get stronger, as you begin to mount up and run and as you walk with Him.

God bless you as your wait!